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Do you feel guilty leaving your pets alone? We're here to help!

We get it, entrusting your fuzzy family members and home to strangers can be a nerve-wracking leap of faith. But, fear not! We're here to put your mind at ease and offer the paw-fect solution you've been seeking.

We work with licensed and bonded dedicated professionals that work tirelessly throughout the day to provide premium pet care that your family deserves. We're all about being accountable, transparent, and professional at all times - which is why we've earned rave reviews from our satisfied clients.

Whether you're jetting off on vacation, heading to work, or simply busy with events, you can trust us to provide excellent care that lets you breathe easier. Sure, we may never replace your pet's favourite person, but we'll do everything we can to make them and your family feel at ease.

Our CEO, Amanda, hails from a small farm town and has a lifetime of experience with everything from cats and dogs to fish, rabbits, and even reptiles! Since 2016, she's been providing reliable pet care across Ottawa and forging strong bonds with local businesses.

Get excited to meet our team that's as passionate about your pets as you are!

About Us

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Amanda Gagnier


Fun Fact: LP&HC is the first Black-owned pet care service in Ottawa. We want to promote diversity and inclusivity while providing exceptional pet care.

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Service Types

In-home pet sitting

Provides a stress-free environment for your furry friends to relax while you're away. This service is ideal for pets who prefer to stay in their own space, allowing them to stay comfortable and happy while you take a break.

Home Care Services (Pets Not Included)

We provide essential home care services such as mail collection, scooper services, plant baby care, and package waiting, even during home renovations without any point of contact.

Drop-in Visits

Does your furry friend prefer to be left to their own devices, only needing a quick daily check-in to change their bed or litter?

Let our drop-in visit service be your go-to solution!

Coming soon...

Cat boarding

(located in Overbrook)

Weekly dog walking

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In-home Pet Care

The Benefits of Overnight Pet Sitting Services

Your beloved pet will enjoy personalized care in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. Our dedicated sitter becomes a temporary member of your household, providing 12-hour overnight care. We prioritize your pet's routine and well-being, ensuring a seamless transition. Whether you're departing in the morning or any time, our attentive sitter maintains your pet's schedule. Rest assured, your pet will be in caring hands, with our sitter returning for the night and starting the day together.

Your pet's happiness and routine are our top priorities.

Dog sitting price per day

Cat sitting price per day

1 cat = $52

2 cats = $95

Additional cats = $30 per additional cat

1 dog = $72

2 dogs = $135

Additional dogs = $60 per additional dog

In-home Pet Care Includes:

Overnight stays

Feeding + Watering

Daily walks/Litter cleaning


Daily photos/videos

Mail retrieval

Garbage, recycling, compost removal

Plant watering

Your home in the same state you left it

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Multi-Pet Home Deals

Price Per Day

1 dog + 1 cat = $120

Additional cat = $30

Additional dog = $60

Fish tank feeding = $20

Cats and dogs billed separately.

Other pets vary depending on care.

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Drop-in Services

Concierge Home Care

Pricing varies

A visit to help your pets get through the day

$31.25 for 30 mins

$45.50 for 1 hour

Pooper Scooper Service

  • Let us take care of the unpleasant task of cleaning up your yard. Our sitters will ensure that your yard is waste-free and tidy. The rate for this service is $35 for the first 30 minutes, and $15.50 for each additional 15 minutes. This rate applies to up to 3 dogs and 1 acre of property. For larger areas, we will assess and provide a custom quote.

The Ideal Solution for Independent Pets

Our drop-in visits are the perfect option for pet owners looking for periodic check-ins on their furry friends.

Drop-in service includes:

  • Feeding and watering
  • One walk
  • Playtime
  • Daily updates, including photos/videos, sent directly to you
  • Litter box or bedding tidying
  • Lots of love and cuddles


  • Retrieval of mail/packages if at the door
  • Plant watering if needed per clients instructions

Each additional pet incurs an additional $10 cost.

Toy Washing, Litter Box Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • We understand that your furry friend's chew toys need to be cleaned too. Our toy washing and sanitizing service will ensure that your pet's toys are free of dirt and debris. We soak hard chew toys in a solution of 50% hot water and 50% vinegar, then scrub them clean. For litter boxes we will empty and dispose of the dirty litter, scrub and sanitize the litter box, and refill it as per your instructions. The cost for these services is $25.
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Home Waiting Service

  • Don't waste your valuable time waiting for the wifi guy or a delivery let us handle it for you! Our hourly waiting service is available with a minimum of one hour at $26. We also offer 2 and 4-hour blocks for longer waits. Please note that this service must be scheduled in advance.

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The Process

Our transparent approach will help you to find the exact service you need.





Get in Touch with Us Today: Contact us and we'll get back to you within 48 hours. We'll schedule a Discovery call to discuss your needs and determine if we're the right fit for you. Let's connect and see how we can assist you. Please review our fully booked dates to avoid disappointment.

Meet & Greet: We understand that we are strangers for now, but building trust and maintaining a strong client-sitter relationship is very important to us. That's why we would love to meet with you and your furry family members, to get to know them better and learn about their typical routines.

The Paperwork: We will send you a contract for e-signature, a pet care form, an estimate for the cost of care (if you already have dates in mind) and our insurance policy.

Confirmation: When the paperwork is returned and the deposit is paid your requested care dates are locked in! Note: Full payment must be complete before care or your requested dates will be cancelled.



While you're gone: You can expect daily photos and updates for peace of mind. Keep an eye on our social media pages to see your pets in the spotlight. For privacy and safety we practice delayed posting. We will never tag you, post your address or alert that you are away. We take privacy extremely seriously.

Upon your return: We will send a “Welcome home!” email asking how your experience was. Our small business is only successful because of our dedication and your feedback.

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Service Area

We care for pets within the Stittsville, Downtown, Orleans, and Findlay Creek boundaries.

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Past Reviews

Recent reviews can be found on Google.

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Let's work together

Review the dates below before filling out the form for our services. This helps avoid disappointment ->

2023 Fully Booked Dates

October 11-16

October 21-30

November FULL

December FULL

January 2024 FULL

February 4 - 11, 2024 (Pending)

February 12 - 28, 2024 (Pending)

Winter/Spring schedule will be added Jan 3, 2024.

Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis. Existing clients can make requests through this form or by email.

See Our Policies for reservation details including holiday rates.

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Our Policies


New pet sitting clients are required to have an initial consultation (Meet & Greet) before the first service visit. The consultation costs $25 and is intended to allow everyone to get to know each other and ensure that the pet sitter is a good fit for the pets and their owner.


Your reservation is only confirmed when you have received a confirmation via e-mail. New clients may make a reservation request by the form on our website. Existing clients can request via e-mail. Messages left via text to the business line are not considered confirmations. We do not take on new clients with less than 7 business days notice.

Pet Sitting services: To secure a booking for pet care an initial 50% deposit of the estimate must be paid within 5 days upon confirmation of the booking. The remaining 50% of the service fee, shall be due and payable a maximum of 5 days before the scheduled start date of the pet care services.

Non-payment/failure to pay: with the stated payment terms may lead to the automatic cancellation of the booking and an automatic forfeit of your deposit.

Holiday Period: We require a nonrefundable 100% deposit two weeks before the onset of any holiday service. This includes any service scheduled over the week preceding or following the holiday.



To avoid a non-refundable 50% cancellation charge, cancellations must be received 72 hours prior to booked services. Exemptions may be granted in extreme cases. It should be noted that a Covid-19 diagnosis is not considered an extreme case.

During holiday times, cancellations made 14 days or more in advance will receive a 50% deposit credit, 7-13 days in advance will receive a 25% deposit credit, and 6 or less days in advance will receive no deposit credit.


Limitless Pet & Home Care offers responsible and professional pet care services during Federal Holidays, with a surcharge of $20 for each visit performed on the actual holiday. The company observes all Federal Holidays and provides deposit and cancellation details for holiday visits.


When leaving your pets in the care of Limitless Pet & Home Care, it is crucial to notify the business of any friends or family members who may be checking on your pets, as well as their estimated arrival dates and times. If an unexpected individual is discovered at your house during our visit, we will depart. The company is not liable for any damages to your property or pet that occur while someone other than Limitless Pet & Home Care has access to your home.

Policies continued below...

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Limitless Pet & Home Care takes your privacy very seriously and will not disclose any of your information to third parties, nor divulge any details about your relationship with us without your written permission. We use photos of your pets on our social media, website, and marketing materials, but will not disclose any of your personal information unless asked for prior permission.


Pet owners are solely responsible for free-roaming pets and should pet-proof their homes and properties to ensure their pets' safety. Limitless Pet & Home Care will not be held liable for any illness, injury, loss, or death that may occur due to unsecured free-roaming pets. It is the pet owners responsibility to inspect fences, gates, latches, doors, and other devices meant to keep the pet inside or away from any "forbidden" areas. Doggy doors should be locked and blocked during the duration of the stay.


We advise all clients with keys to use a lockbox, hide-a-key, or entry code specifically for sitters to use. Entry codes are securely stored offline. Limitless Pet & Home Care does NOT keep any keys. If you have a pet sitting service your keys can be picked up or dropped off before and after the service date if necessary.

We work with professional sitters with various abilities. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to provide safe access to their home – shoveling their sidewalks, steps, and porch. If the client is out of town during the time of a snowstorm, the sitter will access the home and contract services to clear walkways if necessary. The fee for this service will be added to the client’s final invoice.



There will be a $20 per hour delivery fee, plus the cost of the required item(s) if Limitless Pet & Home Care needs to pick-up supplies for your pet. Please remember to leave adequate (or more) food, litter, leashes, etc. for your pet’s needs. A minimum of 1 hour will be charged.


Last-minute emergency services are available, but clients must have a signed contract on file and should not assume that their request has been received until they receive a confirmation email. A non-refundable $15 fee will be charged for last-minute services.

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Our Privacy Policy: Protecting Your Personal Information

At LP&HC, we take your privacy very seriously. To ensure that you understand how we collect, use, communicate, and disclose personal information, we have developed this Policy. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind:

  • We always identify the purposes for which we collect personal information before collecting it.
  • We only collect and use personal information for the purposes we have specified, unless we obtain consent or as required by law.
  • We only retain personal information for as long as we need it to fulfill the specified purposes.
  • We collect personal information in fair and lawful ways, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.
  • We ensure that personal data is relevant, accurate, complete, and up-to-date for the purposes for which it is used.
  • We protect personal information with reasonable security safeguards against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.
  • We offer our customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.
  • We never disclose the dates or nature of your travel or relationship with our company without your written permission.
  • While we may use photos of your pets on social media, our website, and marketing materials, we will not disclose any of your personal information without your prior consent, except for the pet's name.

We are committed to following these principles to ensure that your personal information remains confidential, protected, and maintained.

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